Weather Website Thinks 'Sharknado' Needed To Be Debunked (2 photo)


Erin Cassidy of Accuweather has seen fit to publish an article titled, “Sharknado Debunked: Ridiculous Plotpoints Exposed”. Yes, exposed. Because it was a secret that Sharknado wasn’t 100% scientifically accurate. Thank Sharktopus they cleared that up. The article debunks three “myths” posited by Sharknado, and Cassidy went so far as to consult meteorologist Kristina Baker and get a statement from Greg Skomal, a shark specialist at the Massachusetts Marine Fisheries. She called two experts. About Sharknado. It’s a great time to be alive. You can read the article over at Accuweather if you’re ready to face the possibility that Sharknado wasn’t a documentary. I’ll level with you. This was all just a flimsy excuse to post the picture above of Sharknado in LEGO. Its blocky vengeance is nigh.

Check out the full article here:


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