The Inventive Case Of The Disappearing Package (4 photo)


Here’s an alarming statistic. The EPA (Environment Protection Agency) has revealed that we throw away an eye-watering 70,000,000 tonnes of packaging each year and in fact the numbers keep rising year on year. Do you really need a pair of headphones vacumn-sealed in more plastic or an entire box with fold out wings to house a small USB key?
Probably not.
But it’s not down to the consumer to reduce waste, they’re just buying the product – it’s down to the designers, the creators of that packaging to start thinking smarter to help reduce that 70 million tonnes of landfill.
Graphic designer Aaron Mickelson was asked a simple yet poingnat question “Can we eliminate that waste entirely? “ He took that concept applying the functions of packaging to the product itself, we can create a package that has completely disappeared by the time you’re done using the product.

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