Movie Supercut: Johnny Depp making silly faces, a mash-up (1 photo + 1 video)


I love the idea of this new ScreenJunkies supercut, which highlights Johnny Depp’s key contribution to cinema: the silly-face reaction shot. If Dominique Wilkins was the Human Highlight Reel, Johnny Depp is the Human Reaction Shot Reel. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you, it’s a legitimate talent. He’s the only human being that can pull off the kind of joke punctuating normally reserved for a dog covering its eyes with its paws. He has those gentle eyes that seem to say “Ruh roh, here we go again.”


Не пропусти прямой эфир на Фишках с известным математиком Н. Н. Андреевым!

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