Anna Kendrick Showed Off 'Loser Faces' On 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' (5 photo)


During friend of the blog Scott Aukerman’s live chat with us earlier this week, I forgot to ask him one very important question: Anna Kendrick perfect. OK, maybe that’s not so much a question as it is a FACT, one that anyone who watched last night’s series best episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! on IFC knows is true.
Kendrick’s the Batdance of people, and in “Anna Kendrick Wears a Patterned Blouse & Burgundy Pants,” the Pitch Perfect star answered questions about singing, Chinese vampires, and the terrible things she did when she time traveled to the past. (Apparently, Jesus was a carpenter.) But my favorite bit of hers, minus her explanation of why she’s not racist, it was just a misunderstanding, was when she showed Blog Gawkerman her “Oscar loser faces.”

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