10 Extremely Grilled Foods We Don’t Want for Memorial Day BBQs (10 photo)


It’s Memorial Day today, which certainly means some of you are planning to have a cookout. Whipping out the ol’ BBQ for the first time all year is no doubt exciting, but sometimes the “Grill Master” (as our dad nicknamed himself) become a little too wrapped up in said excitement AKA beer. And you know what happens as a result? Extra-crispy, black, covered-in-carcinogens food. Deeee-lish.
While some BBQ fans might enjoy a little char here and there, we highly doubt many, if any, prefer the “tastes like straight up ash” variety of food (unless they, too, became a little too wrapped up in all the “excitement”). Let these 10 extremely grilled foods be a friendly little reminder to watch those burgers on the grill, folks!

Source: imgur.com

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