'Breaking Bad' Best Show Ever, Says Guinness (1 photo)


Walter White, he knows all about your operation, your “TV show.” His partners tell him that you’re producing a series that’s 70% great, if you’re lucky. What he stars on, Breaking Bad, is 99.1% masterpiece. “So?” you might be asking yourself. “So,” Walt responds, “it’s grade-school T-ball versus the New York Yankees, but, like, the good New York Yankees, not the current limping New York Yankees. They’re terrible. What I am is classic Coke.”
“Who the hell are you?” all other TV shows ask.
“You know exactly who I am. Say my show’s name.”
“Do what…? I don’t, I don’t have a damn clue who the hell you are.”
“Yeah, you do. I’m the star of the greatest TV show of all-time, according to Guinness World Records.”
“Bullsh*t. What about Homeboys in Outer Space?”
“Breaking Bad.”
“You’re goddamn right.”

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