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Gives an opportunity to write comments, add news, photo and video, create your own content, using generator of Fishki.net

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You have 3 filters "Hot", "Best", "New", which work due to all categories and tags on the site.

"Hot" (она же главная фишек). - расположение постов рассчитывается по сложной формуле в которую входит рейтинг новости, время добавления, количество просмотров и так далее. То есть посты на главной странице фишек выстраиваются в зависимости от предпочтения посетителей!

"Best" - Shows the most popular posts using several filters:


due to rating/number of comments (предлог или его отсутствие выбираются в зависимости от того, как полная фраза звучит на русском языке. Напр.: соответствовать количеству комментариев- correspond to the number of comments, радоваться количеству комментариев- be pleased OF number of comments)/то же самое, предв. Number of reviews.

"New". Web-feed of all posts on the site, located due to the time of adding. It`s added by filter:
All posts/moderated posts.

All posts-shows all the posts, even those which haven`t been moderated

You can create web-feed of pots with any hashtag with filters “hot”,”best” or “new”



You can add photo or video in comments, adding some information to the author`s news, vote for comments you like. Notification about answers to your comments will be displayed in banner head-line of the site


each author has rating. It is a sum of likes and dislikes for your post or comment. It also adds 1 star for 10 likes and comments, which uou gave for other author`s posts.


Contains several points:

  • posts-shows your posts
  • comments, added comments and replies
  • likes-show posts you like
  • Settings-change the avatar, add social websites for sign in, private settings