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Enormous Eagle Sculpture is Largest Bird Monument in Europe (7 photo)


Artist Gabor Miklos Szoke, known for gigantic sculptures made out of wood, recently broke a record by creating the biggest bird monument in Europe. Made for the famous Hungarian football club, FTC, the enormous eagle has a span of 16 meters, a height of 8 meters and a weight that exceeds 15 tons. This time, the artist tried his hand with a different kind of material, stainless steel. It was his first time using stainless steel and it was also the biggest monument he had ever created. From start to finish, the project took an incredible seven months to make with more than 100 people working on the eagle including engineers and welders. It is composed of 5,000 steel prisms. The eagle is seen swooping down on its prey. Instead of an animal, however, the prey is replaced by a ball. The eagle symbolizes will, freedom, and extraordinary performance.


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