‘Prancercise’ Lady Makes John Mayer Music Video a Million Times Better (1 video)


Everything about John Mayer makes us so conflicted. His music is kind of lame, but he‘s actually a great guitarist. His music is kind of lame, but look at him without a shirt on. His music is kind of lame, but he has a great sense of humor.
This video is no different — we don’t want to listen to a whole John Mayer song, but how can we not when the entire thing is just the Prancercise lady “Romancercizing” down the street?
We can’t. We watched it. And then we sent an email to a friend asking if she remembers the time a guy she was dating who we nicknamed “The Douche” locked her in his apartment and forced her to listen to John Mayer and give him the respect he deserves. So conflicted.

Source: youtube.com

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