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'The Butterfly Effect' Will Be Remade For Some Reason | UPROXX (1 photo + 1 video)


Hey, remember The Butterfly Effect? It’s nearly a decade old! We mention this not because we want to make you feel old, but because apparently a decade is long enough to reboot a movie nobody cares about.
The original was essentially Somewhere In Time with the personal tragedy laid on with a trowel. Ashton Kutcher’s character wasn’t just molested, he was forced to star in kiddie porn by Eric Stoltz. He doesn’t just have an abusive father, he has a father who tries to strangle him to death before being killed by guards. It’s a dark movie but at the same time it’s kind of ridiculous, because it wants a PG-13 and frankly Ashton Kutcher just isn’t credible as a human being who’s suffered all this misfortune, and the screenwriters have no sense of the absurd; an alternate ending features the hero traveling back to his birth and aborting himself. Also there’s a scene where he wakes up with no hands which should not be funny, but is:

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