Zeitgeist, Where the Beer is Warm and the Women Cold. Motorcycles OK. (4 photo)


Where the Beer is Warm and the Women Cold. Motorcycles OK.
Once a staple for Stagehands and Bicycle Messengers, Zeitgeist, is now filled with fedora wearing Marina Kids complete with dock shoes on. The old regulars a once rambunctious punk fun crowd, rarely visit. Burgers are pretty good and even have gotten on the gluten free bun bandwagon, but Bloody Mary's are still fantastic and a classic. It's a fun place to catch a game, but seating is not usually available unless you park early. There is a pool table and Bike parking is in the Beer Garden. The beer Garden actually has a garden but is since neglected, probably do to change of ownership. Never go on a Beautiful Sunday afternoon unless your wearing your polo and dock shoes.

Source: www.zeitgeistsf.com, on scene

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