The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World

The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World

Bibliotheken is a photography series, by German photographer Christoph Seelbach, features some of the most exquisite libraries in the world. The traveling project, which translates simply as Libraries, reveals the majestic interiors of some of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful libraries around today. Though the Cologne-based photographer seems to focus on European libraries, they are undeniably extraordinary. The architectural design of these literary edifices range from Victorian to modern.
The stunning detail in the wall ornaments and structure of each venue is all at once astounding, captivating, and overwhelming. To think that books nest in these palace-like buildings seems, at first, excessive but actually appropriate. Knowledge is sacred and greatly desired by all men and, as such, deserves to be stored in a grandly dignified establishment. Still, one can be rather envious of the aesthetic charm of each architectural environment and the magnitude of its beauty.
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