Kodak Releases A 51,300-Piece Puzzle And It Should Last You All Of Quarantine

Kodak Releases A 51,300-Piece Puzzle And It Should Last You All Of Quarantine

Since the COVID-19 outbreak has forced us into hermit mode, why not at long last finish that jigsaw puzzle you got back in high school and neglected until now? Just think about it, the conditions are perfect: you’re not really going anywhere anyway, and that 600 to 3,200-piece jigsaw puzzle won’t do itself. Oh, wait, you’re done with all of your puzzles already? Oh, then, why not really keep yourself busy and try this 51,300-piece puzzle?


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ulyanychevadina 9 months prev
Excellent quality of the puzzle. They are very bright, and thanks to them you can explore all the cities of the world. And I like to take more from here puzzles. They are designed for kids, but adults also like the pictures.

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