The Anatomy Of A Facebook Fan (INFOGRAPHIC)

The Anatomy Of A Facebook Fan (INFOGRAPHIC) (1 photo)



Within the realms of countless digital agencies, a tremendous amount of emphasis is given to the concept of pushing and willing the general public into becoming a fan (or Liking) your brand on Facebook.

But away from buzzwords like “branded utilities” or “social currency “ and cringeworthy marketing spin such as “Provide brand ambassadors with compelling conversation hooks to enter into communities and fuel advocacy“ what is the true and tangible effect of having someone “Like” your brand or content within the Facebook ecosystem? And more importantly, how does it penetrate down into the different levels of engagement? What type of fans are there and what are their respective ranges of influence?

Well those creative folks over at MoonToast have created a wonderful infographic aptly titled “The Anatomy Of A Facebook Fan” which clearly and concisely lay outs exactly how the entire journey of engagement begins and its ultimate outcome.

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