So Amanda Bynes Looks Like This Now...

So Amanda Bynes Looks Like This Now...


Oh, Amanda Bynes. What are we going to do with you.
The actress troubled media fodder (who’s tried in the past to make turbans happen and likes celebrating holidays with her breasts) is now using Twitter to reveal a whole new Amanda Bynes.

We don’t really know what’s going on in the photos she posted on Sunday (March 10), but it’s clear that Bynes has pierced both her cheeks, purchased a cheap wig and some plastic fingernails, and is sporting either some poorly applied makeup or a newborn set of lips.
Amanda helpfully added the caption, “Wink” to the first photo along with an emoticon winky face, so at least we know she’s not having a stroke or anything.
Meanwhile, the second picture features Bynes sporting some duck lips, gold chains and a replica vintage soldier hat. It had the missive, “Talk That Talk” and yet another emoticon, this time a big smile.
Somewhere right now, Dr. Drew is gazing at these shots and just waiting for the phone to ring.
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