Jon Stewart Is the Silver Fox With a Silver Tongue

Jon Stewart Is the Silver Fox With a Silver Tongue


Oh how we love a guy who can make us laugh around here. And when it comes to cute, funny men, Jon Stewart is king.

Turn on ‘The Daily Show’ on any given night and try not to fall in love with him. The comically-gifted host of the Comedy Central program has been making us laugh for over a decade with his political satire and self-deprecating humor.
But there are also occasional times when he gets serious and really passionate about what he stands for, and even if your beliefs aren’t similar to his, you can probably still get behind a guy with that much conviction.
Case in point: He’s taking the summer off to make a movie about an Iranian prisoner who suffered untold amounts of abuse — some of it because he’d appeared on ‘TDS.’ Call it righting a wrong or whatever you like, but the bottom line is Jon is doing a very good thing.
Anyway, even when he’s going hard and heavy with the political stuff on ‘TDS,’ he can still make you laugh. He’s also looking incredible for a man in his 50s, and the gray hair totally suits him. (What is it with guys trying to cover up the gray? Let it flow, gentlemen.)
Stewart is also talented in other areas, including making appearances at charitable functions to liven up the mood. And as you’ll see below, he’s besties with dudes like Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert.
This guy right here, man, what a keeper.
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