Lazy Pokemon Names

Lazy Pokemon Names

With 650 little monsters in the ever growing ranks of Pokemon, it would only stand to reason that a few of their names would be lacking in the originality department. It doesn’t seem to be too difficult to name the little guys. But sometimes, you gotta get lazy when it comes to doing just that.

Here’s what a normal coffee fueled and excited Tuesday in the Pokemon naming department must have sounded like:
Dude 1: What is that one and what does he do?
Dude 2: He’s a lizard that burns things.
Dude 1: Hmm, well charring is an interesting way of burning and the giant salamander is a native to our region of Japan. Charmander?
Dude 2: Brilliant!
But sometimes a batch of new Pokemon come through the office on a sleepy Friday afternoon before a long holiday weekend and you end up with something like this:
Dude 1: How many more do we have?
Dude 2: Ten…
Dude 1: *sigh* Come on then.
Dude 2: This one is a heart shaped disc.
Dude 2: Sure, yeah, whatever. *tweets his plans for the weekend from his Pokephone*
Has that happened? Perhaps. The following is our roundup of 10 Lazy Pokemon names that must have resulted from a lack of caffeine at the Pokemon Naming Institute.
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