7 Remarkable Buildings With Stylish Indoor Slides

7 Remarkable Buildings With Stylish Indoor Slides

When faced with a choice of taking the stairs or whizzing down an indoor slide – which would you choose?
Exactly. The slide every time right?
Well, get ready from serious office / home envy, as we take you inside 7 remarkable homes and workplaces that have their own custom-built indoor slides. No longer are you dashing down the steps trying to avoid breaking your neck or spending countless minutes every day waiting for the lift to finish stopping on every single floor – now you just take the leap down the slide and hey presto you’re at the door, in the office or direct into your lounge room in a matter of mere seconds.
Awesome yes, affordable? Unlikely. But hey one can dream right? Still, you can always drop your boss a hint by showing him these examples.


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