Snoop Lion’s 420 Festival Was Mad Chill But Still Shut Down

Snoop Lion’s 420 Festival Was Mad Chill But Still Shut Down

Snoop Lion, formerly known as Snoop Dogg, held his annual 420 Festival yesterday to celebrate all things weed.
The only problem? The party got shut down as soon as he got there.
TMZ reports that the festivities kicked off around 11AM, but that Snoop’s neighbors, who clearly weren’t craving Taco Bell themselves, called the cops to shut everything down within only a few hours.
Apparently everyone else in Snoop’s Hollywood Hills neighborhood was peeved about the parking situation from the celebratory smokers, as well as the noise levels.
The party also didn’t have a permit, which didn’t help anyone’s case.
Luckily, Snoop was as laidback about the issue as any other stereotypical stoner. He got there as soon as the cops came to ruin everyone’s fun and was extremely cooperative and understanding.


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