Alison Haislip And Michael Shannon Read Sorority Girl's Email

Alison Haislip And Michael Shannon Read Sorority Girl's Email (1 photo + 1 video)

How many times have you read the sorority girl’s email heard ’round the Internet? I’m up to six. If I had kids and they needed a bedtime story, the number would be closer to 17. Except now Josh, Jr and Joshina wouldn’t need to hear my dumb voice reading the Great American Screed — I’d let Alison Haislip do the work.
Pop Hangover uploaded a video of Haislip, a former Attack of the Show! correspondent and current member of the Nerdist universe, reciting Rebecca Martinson’s ARE YOU F*CKING BLIND email, complete with loud inflections and exaggerated hand motions. It’s terrifying…but also really funny and oddly arousing. So bitchy, so perfect.
Something about the phrase “c*nt punt” just does it for me.


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