Alison Haislip And Michael Shannon Read Sorority Girl's Email

Alison Haislip And Michael Shannon Read Sorority Girl's Email

How many times have you read the sorority girl’s email heard ’round the Internet? I’m up to six. If I had kids and they needed a bedtime story, the number would be closer to 17. Except now Josh, Jr and Joshina wouldn’t need to hear my dumb voice reading the Great American Screed — I’d let Alison Haislip do the work.
Pop Hangover uploaded a video of Haislip, a former Attack of the Show! correspondent and current member of the Nerdist universe, reciting Rebecca Martinson’s ARE YOU F*CKING BLIND email, complete with loud inflections and exaggerated hand motions. It’s terrifying…but also really funny and oddly arousing. So bitchy, so perfect.
Something about the phrase “c*nt punt” just does it for me.


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