Vicious Ice Cream Man Turf War Taking Place in Upstate New York

Vicious Ice Cream Man Turf War Taking Place in Upstate New York

Joshua Malatino wants to control all the fudgesicle trade that goes down in Gloversville, New York. And he’s willing to resort to some pretty shady tactics to maintain market dominance.
The 34-year-old proprietor of the Sno Cone Joe ice cream was arrested this week for harassing an ice cream truck driver from the rival Mr. Ding-a-Ling franchise. “You don’t have a chance,” Malatino allegedly yelled at a 53-year-old Mr. Ding-a-Ling driver who had just started serving the neighbor. “This is my town!”
According to court documents, Malatino would tail the new driver while blasting his more familiar jingle. And, if that wasn’t working, he and his 21-year-old girlfriend Amanda Scott would yell “free ice cream,” at anyone who seemed to be approaching the Mr. Ding-a-Ling truck to draw them away.
His reign of icy terror came to an end Tuesday when police officers noticed Malatino was dangerously tailgating the rival truck.
Apparently the cops were on the lookout for this behavior, as Malatino had been able to eliminate competitors this way in the past.
Malatino and Scott were both arrested and charged with harassment. Malatino is looking at up to three months in prison if convicted.
This pretty much needs to be made into an irreverent but somewhat edgy comedy starring Kevin James as the crazed ice cream man and Robert De Niro as the older rival. Hollywood, we’ll take our million dollar check now.


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