The World Wide Web Went Public 20 Years Ago Today (A GIF Celebration)

The World Wide Web Went Public 20 Years Ago Today (A GIF Celebration)

On April 30th, 1993 CERN released the technology behind the World Wide Web into the public domain for all of us to use without paying royalties. It was a glorious day, and we're going to celebrate with pictures both about the web and made possible by the web. So meta*.
You may know CERN as the scientists playing smashy smashy with atoms in the Large Hadron Collider until they found the Higgs Boson. But Sir Tim Berners-Lee and his team at CERN also developed the World Wide Web, which isn't the internet itself but rather the tubes with which we find all those cat pictures. They invented it in 1991, and Berners-Lee developed a version which could send photos the next year. The first picture uploaded to the World Wide Web was this one back in July of 1992.


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