Charred & Burnt Matchstick Heads Reveal Human Faces

Charred & Burnt Matchstick Heads Reveal Human Faces

German Visual artist Wolfgang Stiller is the individual responsible for these impressive over-sized matchsticks sculpted out of giant pieces of lumber. But it doesn’t stop there. Rather than just create a bigger version of an object that already exists, he added in his own unique (if slightly eerie) twist to the tip of each matchstick.
After stumbling across a collection of random head molds in his studio from a previous project, he set about ingeniously incorporating them into the artwork. Using the tip of the burnt matchstick, he molded the faces into the charred material – creating the illusion of the head crumbling away to reveal a very real human face.
He’s aptly titled his impressive work ‘Matchstick Me’, you can find out more about the project, as well as his latest venture via his official site:


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