Beyonce Cancels a Concert Due to Illness.

Beyonce Cancels a Concert Due to Illness.


Beyonce added fuel to those pregnancy rumor fires (rumors being vehemently denied by those close to her) by cancelling a concert in Belgium today, May 14, due to a combo of dehydration and exhaustion. In an effort to appease fans, the show was rescheduled and old tickets will be honored at the new show, so at least there’s that. Meanwhile in, ZOMG BEYONCE IS PREGNANT! land, everyone is saying being tired and thirsty is merely a weak cover for being knocked up. Bey also has a show tomorrow, but according to her rep, she’s “awaiting word from her doctors before making a decision” about whether to cancel that as well. Still other conspiracy theorists say Queen Bey just has other obligations, like a rumored arrival on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet (she’s been spotted on its schedule). Could this plot get any thicker? Or more ridiculous for that matter?


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