Video: Nick Offerman Sings 'Rainbow Song' On 'The Tonight Show'

Video: Nick Offerman Sings 'Rainbow Song' On 'The Tonight Show'

Nick Offerman appeared on Leno last night with a thick mountain man beard and an acoustic guitar and sang “Rainbow Song,” a sweet, loving tribute to his wife that featured lyrics about blow jobs and butt sex and cooking smack. If there was any doubt remaining that he is a great American who deserves a statue or a holiday or a gift certificate to IHOP (and, really, between his work as Ron Swanson and his verse on his wife’s cover of “Smell Yo Dick,” there shouldn’t be), I feel confident in saying it has been erased.
This song also brings up another point, which is that Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally appear to have a very cool marriage. I don’t know them personally, so for all I know they scream and shout at each other 24/7 whenever there’s not a camera pointed at one of them, but there’s something refreshing about a couple who has no qualms about going on national television and singing funny songs about the filthy sex things they do to each other. But I suppose I’m just a romantic.


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