Lindsay Lohan Is Getting Good at This Whole Rehab Thing

Lindsay Lohan Is Getting Good at This Whole Rehab Thing (3 photo)

Perhaps practice really does make perfect, because Lindsay Lohan is reportedly doing a spectacular job in rehab.
TMZ reports that Lilo has been a model patient at the Betty Ford Center despite her initial refusal to even check in. Sources say Lohan has been attending every single one of her meetings and talking to pals about what she’s learned in rehab — and that she’s taking all of it really seriously this time.
Further a sign of progress? The notorious drama queen has two roommates because she doesn’t like being alone, and she’s getting along beautifully with them.
La Lohan is learning about reckless impulses and self-control and is said to look better than she has in a long time.
Keep it up, Lilo!


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