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Colourfully Cute Monsters Play Their Favourite Cover Songs

Colourfully Cute Monsters Play Their Favourite Cover Songs (5 photo + 4 video)


You’ve never heard a series of cover songs quite like this.
Based in Belgium, visual artist Kristof Luyckx has delved deep into his own imagination to design, animated & direct this amusing collection of 6 animations titled ‘My Cover Of…’. Each feature his colourfully, furry or spiky monsters trying their hand (or claw) at covering their favourite artists.
It’s superbly animated and hilarious to watch, as the monsters themselves try their very best to emulate their heros including the likes of The Scorpions, Depeche Mode, Fleetwood Mac and even Gun N’ Roses.
The series was put together as part of the graphic design festival in Belgium called Beyonderground - check out the clips below and do let us know which you cover you enjoyed the most!


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