The Best of the ‘Joker Mind Loss’ Meme

The Best of the ‘Joker Mind Loss’ Meme

For this week’s meme round-up, we present to you a very popular meme from a very popular movie. That’s right, this meme is “Joker Mind Loss,” also known as the “Everyone Loses Their Minds” meme.
In this meme, ‘The Dark Knight’s’ insane baddie The Joker frustratingly compares two scenarios — one very normal one and a similar scenario which causes everyone to lose their minds. (You might remember the scene from the movie.) From peeing in the pool versus peeing into the pool to drinking at a party versus drinking alone, this meme captures those inexplicable differences that make one action socially acceptable while the other is just really weird. Check out the best of the “Joker Mind Loss” Meme below.


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