42 Eye-Catching Magazine Covers You Might Have Missed

42 Eye-Catching Magazine Covers You Might Have Missed

Amongst the crowded world of newsagent stands and battling the rise of tablets & smartphones – the magazine industry certainly has a fight on its hands. Unlike the saying “Never judge a book by its cover” the opposite is true of magazines.
Now more than ever, they need to b unique and striking enough to command your attention, especially against a background of hundreds of Photoshop faces glaring back down at you. A good magazine cover, draws you in, somehow mutes everything else around it and finally compels you to pick it up. It’s a tough act, especially with countless distractions surrounding you and yet under that kind of pressure, graphic designers often produced some of their best work.
Now sales of particular issues vary depending on the title, subject and indeed the lead imagine (after all typography & illustration can only do so much) But cutting-edge graphic design has the power to transform a static image into something you perceive as worth interacting with and absorbing. That’s its true magic & why it’s considered a genuine artform.
With that in mind, we’ve put together 42 eye-catching magazine covers from different eras, publications and countries that all have one common theme – they are all designed to dare to you find out more…


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