A Guide To Iceland As You've Never Read Before

A Guide To Iceland As You've Never Read Before


Like many, author Stephen Markley loves the idea of travel – the concept of being amongst new communities, surrounded by different customs and (depending on how spontaneous and open-minded you are) learning to improvise and see where the days events take you. Which is why when it comes to traditional travel guidebooks, both he & his publisher Matthew Trinetti found them to be utterly inaccurate. “Guidebooks today are static and stale. Travelers in today’s connected world are better served by free, curated websites like TripAdvisor, or by asking friends or locals for travel advice. We’re creating a series of storybooks that are fast, fun, and educational.” Together they’ve published a bold, amusing and startling original book titled Tales of Iceland or “Running with the Huldufólk in the Permanent Daylight” currently one of the bestsellers on Amazon. It’s Markley’s second novel (following on from his wildly successful Publish This Book: The Unbelievable True Story of How I Wrote, Sold and Published This Very Book) and it looks his unusual and peculier travels around Iceland, a country itself that is home to just as many mountain trolls as desirable women.


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