'Iron Man 3' Is Officially One Of The Highest Grossing Movies Ever

'Iron Man 3' Is Officially One Of The Highest Grossing Movies Ever

Some of us loved it. Some of us hated it. But there’s one thing we can all agree on when it comes to Iron Man 3: It has made a truly staggering pile of money.
Let’s crunch the numbers, shall we?
Adjusted for inflation, it’s easily the most profitable movie of the franchise, making $385 million so far, and probably wrapping up its US run with $400 million or more.
Considering its reported budget was $200 million, that means the movie probably broke even on US ticket sales alone.
Overseas, however, was where the real loot lies. It’s grossed $795 million so far, although that’s slowing down a bit since it’s been out in various territories a bit longer than in the US. Still, that’s nearly three times more than the other movies have done overseas in the past.
So what does this mean for Marvel Studios, beyond major bonuses this year, and for the Iron Man franchise going forward? Well, first of all, it proves that The Avengers was a major boost in overseas revenue for the individual franchises. It remains to be seen whether Thor and Captain America, two franchises that had solid but more modest starts than Iron Man, will be able to clean similar house.
Also, it brings Robert Downey, Jr. closer to actually becoming Tony Stark, considering he gets an overall piece of the movie’s gross. We hope for Iron Man 4 he makes Disney develop an actual working suit. Hey, they’ve got the cash to do it.


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