'Grand Theft Auto' Goes Amazingly Wrong In These GIFs

'Grand Theft Auto' Goes Amazingly Wrong In These GIFs

One of the reasons we're looking forward to the next Grand Theft Auto isn't for the compelling story, the clever use of three protagonists, or the reliable open-world gameplay. No, it's because we're looking forward to the physics engine going hilariously wrong, and for the mod community to get their hands on it.
San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV were both notably games where things were... a little off. The physics engine going wonky is practically a staple of the franchise at this point, with even Rockstar finding some of the glitches and bugs hilarious. Similarly, the mod community has been encouraged to go to town on the game, and they have, with a collection of results that range for the hilarious to the somewhat uncomfortable. Such as...


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