Here Are The Opening Credits To 'Mad Men' Made Even More 60s

Here Are The Opening Credits To 'Mad Men' Made Even More 60s (1 photo + 1 video)

This has been around for a while, but until today I — a Mad Men obsessive — had never seen it, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share it, especially at the end of a slow day. So here’s designer/illustrator Paul Rogers’ take on the Mad Men opening credits sequence.
"I’ve been thinking about adding some motion pieces to my portfolio and here’s the first one, a re-design of the opening credits for Mad Men. I enjoy the show, but the titles have bugged me from the start. It seems to me that they missed an opportunity for a good update of classic film and television titles from the early 1960s."
Personally, I like the opening credits just fine as they are, but this reinterpretation is still quite cool.


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