Ronda Rousey Gives The Geek Squad A Receipt

Ronda Rousey Gives The Geek Squad A Receipt

I’m not 100% sure why this video exists, but it’s one of my fantasies given life.
A lady needs help from (an approximation of) The Geek Squad, those guys who stand in the back of a Best Buy and only help fix your computer if you’ve got three weeks and three times as much money as a computer costs. It’s like the DMV for computers. They don’t help her, of course, because they are SOBs, and suddenly RONDA ROUSEY appears out of nowhere and starts f**king them up. OKAY, COOL.
Video is after the jump. If you’re like me and spent too much of your life working in a Best Buy (Quarterly All-star, holla) and/or love watching Ronda Rousey annihilate nerds, you’ll love it.


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