Meme Watch: Animal Crossing's Creepy Villager Is Nightmare Fuel

Meme Watch: Animal Crossing's Creepy Villager Is Nightmare Fuel

Nintendo released the first Super Smash Brothers (3DS/Wii U) trailer, which reveals 1:37 into the video that the Villager from Animal Crossing will be one of the fighters. Normally the Villager is a harmless protagonist, but in Super Smash Brothers he's got an axe, a butterfly net, and the ability to grab energy beams and just shove them in his pocket like, "What? I eat energy beams for breakfast and sh*t bells, yo."
He is also exceedingly creepy. The internet noticed.
Within a couple of hours, there were photoshops, image macros, fan art, and video remixes widely circulating on Tumblr, Reddit, deviantART, and 4chan, all of them in seemingly unanimous agreement that Creepy Villager is creepy.
We've collected some of our favorites below. All pictures via Know Your Meme and r/gaming unless otherwise specified.


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