What if Kane Ran For Political Office in 2014?

What if Kane Ran For Political Office in 2014?


Professional wrestling and political office have a lot in common. They’re both all about getting the right reaction from a big crowd, and both feature a lot of acting, so wrestlers getting into politics isn’t a crazy notion. Come 2014, there might be another thing linking wrestling and government — WWE Superstar Kane. ‘The Big Red Monster’ Kane, known as Glenn Jacobs in the private sector, might be joining the Senate race in 2014. Nothing is confirmed, but Kane is supposedly open to the idea of running against Senator Lamar Alexander, who has Tennessee’s seat in the Senate. Kane is a Libertarian, and has never been afraid of showing it. He’s also been very open when it comes to sharing his opinions on politics. He’s most recently been speaking out against Internet tax, which is certainly as good a place to start as any. This got us thinking about the possibility of Kane holding political office. What if the Jacobs ran and became a Senator, or hell, the President of the United States. It doesn’t hurt to dream big. Here are some iconic images and historical moments re-imagined with the Big Red Political Machine.


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