New Mind-Bending Illusion of People Scaling a Building

New Mind-Bending Illusion of People Scaling a Building

Argentine artist Leandro Erlich is at it again with another interactive installation that gives off the illusion that participants are sitting on the edge of a windowsill, dangling off a ledge, and scaling the side of a building. Similar to his three-dimensional piece from last year, this one (known as Dalston House) invites visitors to participate in the illusionary fun. It allows people young and old to playfully swing, leap, and perform their death-defying stunts all from the safety of the ground.
By situating the facade of a Victorian house on the floor and placing an enormous mirror over it at a 45° angle, those that partake in the fun are given the opportunity to see themselves in incredibly daring positions. It's not everyday (if ever) that you're cartwheeling from one second-story window to the next or taking a nap on the outer edge of a window.
As part of Beyond Barbican, Dalston House is currently on display on a vacant lot on Ashwin Street in East London and open to the public for FREE through August 4, 2013.


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