A Stunning Two Year Time-lapse Of San Francisco's Fog

A Stunning Two Year Time-lapse Of San Francisco's Fog 


Shooting any form of time-lapse video takes a tremendous amount of patience, but San Francisco Bay resident Simon Christen certainly has more than most. For 2 long years he’s been waking up at the ungodly hour of 5am hastily consulting weather satellites and forecasts. He was attempting to see if any fog was scheduled to be in the area and if so he would quickly make the 45 minute trek around to Marin Headlands to shoot the rolling candy floss-like fog as it rolled and swept down the valley. Some days it was too overcast, other days the fog was too sparse – but sometimes, just sometimes the natural elements combined for a few extraordinary moments. It’s those moments that he’s flawlessly captured in his startling time-lapse film aptly titled ‘Adrift’ (the follow-up to his previous work The Unseen Sea). Sit back, switch your audio on and prepare to stare in amazement at just how beautiful the world and its natural elements can be. You can also see more images from the 2 year project via his 500px profile.


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