Actor Matthew Goode Is Lookin’ Good

Actor Matthew Goode Is Lookin’ Good

British actor Matthew Goode makes us swoon with his proper fancy swagger and sly good looks, and we’re just wondering why he isn’t in more movies. What is wrong with you Hollywood people? Get with the Goode program already.

Maybe if you were paying more attention to Matthew Goode’s amazing sexiness and his immense talent, we’d get to see him in more movies. Channing Tatum who? (Kidding! Don’t ever leave us, C-Tates.)
You may recognize Matthew Goode from his work in this year’s dark coming of age film ‘Stoker,’ in which he co-starred with Mia Wasikowska (her name is so fun to say out loud — try it) and Nicole Kidman. Or you might remember him as the evil Ozymandias in ‘Watchmen.’ He also starred in the romantic comedy ‘Leap Year,’ a movie best forgotten.
None of those ring a bell? How about Tom Ford’s (yes, the fashion designer) directorial debut, ‘A Single Man.’ In that film, Goode got all cozy with Mr. Darcy himself, Colin Firth. Talk about swoon-times. And if you’re a BBC-watcher, Goode starred in the critically-acclaimed series ‘Dancing on the Edge’ for the overseas network.
If you haven’t seen him in any of those things, we recommend you start doing your homework and start getting into Matthew Goode because — well, we’ll let these photos speak for us.
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