10 Perfect-World Acting Nominees For The 2013 Emmys

10 Perfect-World Acting Nominees For The 2013 Emmys

A week from tomorrow, we're going to be very, very mad. That's when the 2013 Primetime Emmys nominees will be made public, and if last year (and every year) is any indication, everything and everyone they pick is going to be wrong, except for when Louis C.K.'s involved, because everything and everyone we love is right. Circle of life.
So before our blood pressure rises for the most insignificant of reasons, I thought it'd be fun, or at least maddening, to pick who SHOULD be nominated in the acting (and only acting; will save writing and outstanding comedy/drama/animated programs for another time) categories for the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards, using the ballots that are online. This is a Modern Family and Two and a Half Men free zone, and the world's better off for it.

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