Trailer For The 'Rambo' Video Game You Didn't Know Was Happening

Trailer For The 'Rambo' Video Game You Didn't Know Was Happening (1 photo + 1 video)

You’d think there’d be more good Rambo games out there. I mean, the movies are nothing but John Rambo sneakily stabbing people in the neck and recklessly running around double-wielding machine guns. In other words, the Rambo flicks are basically the blueprint for every popular video game series today, and yet the last actual Rambo game I played was some godforsaken piece of crap on the NES.
But hey, somebody’s giving it another try! Rambo: The Video Game will be, surprise surprise, a stealth-shooter in which you play out scenes from the first three Rambo movies. Hit the jump for a trailer…

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