Weather Website Thinks 'Sharknado' Needed To Be Debunked

Weather Website Thinks 'Sharknado' Needed To Be Debunked (2 photo)


Erin Cassidy of Accuweather has seen fit to publish an article titled, “Sharknado Debunked: Ridiculous Plotpoints Exposed”. Yes, exposed. Because it was a secret that Sharknado wasn’t 100% scientifically accurate. Thank Sharktopus they cleared that up. The article debunks three “myths” posited by Sharknado, and Cassidy went so far as to consult meteorologist Kristina Baker and get a statement from Greg Skomal, a shark specialist at the Massachusetts Marine Fisheries. She called two experts. About Sharknado. It’s a great time to be alive. You can read the article over at Accuweather if you’re ready to face the possibility that Sharknado wasn’t a documentary. I’ll level with you. This was all just a flimsy excuse to post the picture above of Sharknado in LEGO. Its blocky vengeance is nigh.

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