Mary-Louise Parker May Quit Acting Because the Internet Is Cruel

Mary-Louise Parker May Quit Acting Because the Internet Is Cruel

Former ‘Weeds’ star Mary-Louise Parker says she’s pretty close to quitting acting, mainly because the internet is full of meanies.

Parker, who is in not one but two movies coming out on July 19 (‘Red 2′ and ‘R.I.P.D.’), told News Corp Australia, “I’m not really that into [acting] anymore. I don’t know how many more movies I wanna do. I wouldn’t mind doing a TV show again, I’d like to do a couple more plays, but I’m almost done acting, I think.”
Read: “Eventually, when I’m bored with acting, I think I’ll quit acting.”
And why would she walk away? Lamented MLP, “The world has gotten too mean for me, it’s just too bitchy. All the websites and all the blogging and all the people giving their opinion and their hatred … it’s all so mean-spirited, it’s all so critical.”
“It’s sport for people, it’s fun to get on at night and unleash their own self-loathing by attacking someone else who they think has a happier life – or something, I dunno.”
While Parker is self-admittedly “thin-skinned,” she says if you haven’t been the subject of such nastiness, you might have trouble sympathizing: “You can say ‘Oh I let it roll off my back’ and ‘I wouldn’t take it personally’, but you have no idea until it happens to you. It doesn’t feel nice.”
When asked what she might do if she retired, Parker said, “I would write, still. I write for Esquire (magazine) and writing makes me happy. I would take care of my kids and my goats. That’s about it. Bake. Throw my internet in the lake.”
And after throwing her internet box in the lake, MLP would live a quiet life, free from online bullying. You know, after a few more movies, a television series and maybe a couple of plays.
We’ll miss you, Nancy Botwin!
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