Watch Archer + Star Trek The Animated Series Hilarious Video Mashup

Watch Archer + Star Trek The Animated Series Hilarious Video Mashup


Have you ever found yourself wondering what it would be like if Sterling Archer captained the USS Enterprise? Of course you have! Well now the inspired folks behind Starcher Trek have made those musing a reality by melding audio from Archer on FX with animation from Star Trek: Than Animated Series from the 70s. The first installment below (with hopefully lots more to come). Skip ahead if you don’t want to be spoiled on cast correlations, because: Sterling = Kirk (obviously), Lana = Uhura (obviously), Ray = Sulu (obviously), Cyril = Spock (fairly obviously), and Krieger = Bones (correction: Scotty, not so obviously). No Pam, Cheryl, or Malory sightings just yet, and I’m curious to which Star Trek characters they’ll align with, but hopefully all of that is tackled in the second installment. Oh, and Barry as Kahn or GTFO. Until then, please enjoy Kirk ripping from Deliverance and Bones refusing to recognize your authority.

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