Here’s A Collection Of Kooky Vintage Smoking Devices | So Bad So Good

Here’s A Collection Of Kooky Vintage Smoking Devices | So Bad So Good

If you feel like killing yourself slowly and expensively, smoking is a good option.
In short, it’s a really bad idea, but when it comes to these odd and kooky inventions the reverse is true. Designed in an era long before lung cancer lawsuits and an admission that passive smoking and smoking in general is extremely damaging, these devices were created with the affluent smoker in mind.
There’s cigarette holders that bizarrely span several meters, allow you to smoke twice as many in half time, some even push smoke above your head away from any high society conversations you might be having.Yes there’s even a smoking device catering to couple who love their nicotine and tar fix.
But probably the most amusing is the “all weather” cigarette holder, complete with a tiny umbrella so that no matter what the conditions you can continue to puff away.
Unless you find yourself anywhere near even the remotest gust of wind.
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