Aubrey Plaza's 15 Best Non-April Ludgate GIFs

Aubrey Plaza's 15 Best Non-April Ludgate GIFs

It has unintentionally turned into Aubrey Plaza week around here, what with all the GQ swimsuit spreads, live-action Darias, and masturbation chats. And what better way to keep the party going than with a definitive collection (disclaimer: this collection is in no way definitive) of GIFs real-life April Ludgate has contributed to web culture over the years. Also: a way too convenient excuse for me to continue to enjoy the divisiveness she creates in the comments.
Speaking of April, we cover her plenty around here, and since this week has been all about Aubrey Plaza "the actress" and not her iconic people-hating Parks character, none of these GIFs are set in Pawnee, Indiana. Prepare to be charmed by animated disaffection.
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