Ron Swanson Keeps One Hand Down His Pants At Buckingham Palace

Ron Swanson Keeps One Hand Down His Pants At Buckingham Palace

I've come across some good news for everyone! Parks and Recreation will be shooting their season six premiere in London, where almost all of the limited info provided came from Michael Shur's Twitter account. Today -- in addition to tossing my full support to Kevin the Robot's royal baby switch theory -- I have two more pieces of information to share in addition to a bunch of photos. Minor comedy spoiler ahead.
1) The Parks & Rec fan who lives in London and took the photos of the cast in front of Buckingham Palace to share with r/PandR, also shared that, "The only line I heard them shout out was 'OMG, its Hogwarts!'"
Holy sh*t that is perfect. And could have possibly come from as many as three different characters as far as I can tell.
2) Ron Swanson/Nick Offerman keeps one hand down his pants the entire time. There isn't one photo where he doesn't have four digits down the front of his slacks -- USA STYLE -- while he's photographing and taking in the home of Britain's royal family.
Holy sh*t that is even more perfect.
Via r/PandR
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