Rampage Jackson Has A Comic Book Now, and Oh yeah, it's Terrible.

Rampage Jackson Has A Comic Book Now, and Oh yeah, it's Terrible.

Rampage Jackson has a lot of talents — dancing, being on wrestling shows without ever wrestling, rubbing his d**k on ladies without their consent — and now he can add “be a superhero with meteorite werewolf powers” to the list.
Meet Rampage Jackson: Street Warrior, Lion Forge Comics’ upcoming one-shot about Jackson becoming an “anti-hero” when he gets special powers and “kicks evil’s ass.” Remember the movie Meteor Man? It’s just like that, only Robert Townsend becomes the Wolfman. Yeah, I don’t know. The plan is to release a stand-alone comic, then parlay that into an ongoing series.
Hopefully they put a lot of time between the one-shot and the series, because I’m pretty sure the people who draw it have no idea who Rampage is or what he does for a living. I mean, take a look at the preview panels:
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