Oh Dear God, Creepy Woody Is Back. Again.

Oh Dear God, Creepy Woody Is Back. Again.

Nearly a year ago, we warned you that a new stock of an extremely rare figure of Woody from Toy Story had been found in Japan. It was extremely rare because it was more Chucky than Woody: Known as "Creepy Woody", the figure basically exists to ruin your childhood and be posed in terrifying situations.
Guess what? Apparently money has trumped decency, because Creepy Woody is back in production.
Yes, in November, Creepy Woody will be back on the shelves, being sold at regular retail. And yes, the people involved know exactly why people are buying Creepy Woody: Here's the NSFW tweet announcing he was back. Apparently Disney and Pixar are OK with this, so we figured we'd celebrate/warn you with a gallery of some of Creepy Woody's best/worst moments. Don't worry, we avoided the ones that aren't work-safe... but there's plenty of funny and disturbing ones on DeviantArt.
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