'Parks And Recreation' Season 6 Guest Stars

'Parks And Recreation' Season 6 Guest Stars

If it wasn't for Parks and Rec returning this weekend, we'd all be insane. Gone are The Office, 30 Rock, and Community (for now); they’ve been replaced by Welcome to the Family (Latin family vs. white family culture clash), Sean Saves the World (a Victor Fresco show, which is good, about a daughter moving in with her gay dad played by Sean Hayes, which is bad), and The Michael J. Fox Show, the only one of the three new series that could be promising. So, really: it’s Parks and Rec, and the rest.
But that’s essentially what it was like after 30 Rock went off the air earlier this year, too: Parks was the only consistently great Thursday night sitcom, with Community rarely showing a creative glimmer of its former self and The Office bankrupt of fresh ideas. Next season sounds highly promising, too, even with the eventual departures of Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones. Parks has been hiring great guest stars left and right, time after time, so much so that it’s been tough to keep up with. Here’s a helpful guide to who they’ve already got, and who they should get.
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